Customised Backdrop with Organic Balloon Garland

Original price was: ₹8,000.00.Current price is: ₹7,500.00.

7×7 feet flex backdrop
White lights
Black and Silver Balloons
Confetti Balloons
Star Foils
Silver Crome Balloons
3d Silver Bal

A customised backdrop with an organic balloon garland is a visually stunning and personalized decoration for various events and occasions. It combines the elegance of a backdrop with the whimsical beauty of a balloon garland, resulting in a unique and eye-catching display.

The backdrop serves as the foundation, usually made of fabric, paper, or a customized printed design that complements the event theme or desired aesthetic. It can feature personalized messages, logos, or decorative elements that reflect the event’s purpose or the individual’s preferences.

The organic balloon garland is the focal point of the backdrop. It is created using a variety of balloons in different sizes, colors, and textures, arranged in a cascading and naturally flowing manner. Organic balloon garlands are known for their asymmetrical and free-form design, giving them a more natural and effortless appearance.

The garland can be customized to match specific color schemes or incorporate specific types of balloons, such as confetti-filled balloons, metallic balloons, or balloons with unique shapes. It can also include additional decorative elements like fresh flowers, greenery, ribbons, or LED lights to enhance the overall visual impact.

This combination of a custom backdrop and an organic balloon garland creates a stunning backdrop for events like weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, corporate events, and more. It adds a touch of elegance and fun to any space, transforming it into a captivating and Instagram-worthy setting.


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