50 Photo Booth Wording Props

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50 Photo Booth Wording Props
50 Photo Booth Wording Props
Rental for 3 hours

50 Photo Booth Wording Props
50 Photo Booth Wording Props
Rental for 3 hours

  1. “Cheese!” – Classic photo booth prop, perfect for capturing joyful moments.
  2. “Strike a Pose” – Encourages guests to show off their best modeling skills.
  3. “Party Animal” – For the wild ones who love to let loose and have a great time.
  4. “Lip Service” – Pucker up and show off your best kissy face.
  5. “Glam Squad” – Ideal for those who love all things glamorous and fabulous.
  6. “Funny Glasses” – A collection of goofy glasses to add a touch of humor to your photos.
  7. “Hats Off” – A variety of hats for guests to wear, from silly to stylish.
  8. “Happy Birthday” – Celebrate the guest of honor’s special day with this prop.
  9. “Love is in the Air” – Heart-shaped props to spread love and romance.
  10. “Best Friends Forever” – Perfect for capturing memories with your closest pals.
  11. “Game On” – Props related to popular games and sports for the competitive spirits.
  12. “BFFs” – Adorable signs to showcase your friendship bond.
  13. “Team Bride” – Props for the bride’s squad to show their support and excitement.
  14. “Team Groom” – Similar to “Team Bride,” but for the groom’s side.
  15. “Vintage Vibes” – Retro-inspired props for a nostalgic touch.
  16. “Movie Night” – Props inspired by classic films and cinema.
  17. “Travel Junkie” – Perfect for those with a passion for exploring the world.
  18. “Graduation Celebration” – Props to mark the milestone of graduation.
  19. “Superhero Squad” – Transform into your favorite superheroes for the day.
  20. “Dance Party” – Props that capture the spirit of dancing and grooving.
  21. “Emoji Extravaganza” – Express yourself with a range of popular emojis.
  22. “Wedding Bells” – Props that add a touch of romance to your wedding photos.
  23. “Animal Kingdom” – Animal-themed props for the animal lovers out there.
  24. “Silly Mustaches” – A variety of mustaches to add a comical twist to your pictures.
  25. “Magical Moments” – Enchanting props for a whimsical touch.
  26. “Rockstar Vibes” – Channel your inner rockstar with these props.
  27. “Pirate’s Booty” – Arrr, matey! Props for those who are ready to sail the high seas.
  28. “Cute Critters” – Adorable props featuring furry and feathery friends.
  29. “Just Married” – Celebrate your newlywed status with these props.
  30. “Masquerade Madness” – Masks and masquerade-inspired props for a touch of mystery.
  31. “Holiday Cheer” – Props to celebrate various holidays throughout the year.
  32. “Time to Sparkle” – Glittery and sparkling props for a glamorous look.
  33. “Team Spirit” – Show off your support for your favorite sports team with these props.
  34. “Summer Fun” – Props that capture the essence of summertime.
  35. “Baby Shower Bliss” – Props to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a little one.
  36. “Winter Wonderland” – Snowflakes, snowmen, and other winter-themed props.
  37. “Sweet Treats” – Props featuring delicious desserts and candies.
  38. “Groovy Disco” – Get your disco moves on with these retro props.
  39. “Comic Book Heroes” – Transform into your favorite comic book characters.
  40. “Fiesta Time” – Props inspired by Mexican culture and celebrations.
  41. “Rainbow Delight”


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